Want to share your creation with us? Great! Just know that there are some policies that you must follow. Below, rules and Creation posting guidelines are listed.

Things to do before you post

  • Search the site to see if a very similar article already exists. If one does, attempt to change yours a bit to make it unique!
  • Ensure that your creation is appropriate for all audiences.
  • Get some nice screenshots or even videos of your creation.
  • Be prepared to describe it in detail on your article.
  • If you want to post a .schematic file or the world file for your creation you must upload them to an external site and then post the link to it. We recommend using Mediafire.


Step 1

  • Your article must be named using the following format: Creation:Creation Name. For example: Creation:Multiplayer Home or Creation:Nyan Cat
  • Make sure to name your article appropriately. Use details, but not too many details; if your creation has a unique name, use it. If an article already exists under the name you desire to use, do not overwrite that article.

Step 2

  • Place {{Creator|Your Name}} at the top of the article, replacing Your Name with your unique alias (not your real name). If you have an account here, use that name; the template will then link to your user page.
  • Now that your page is created you can add all of your info, details, and pictures. Your creation is required to have at least one image or video. If your page is going to contain more than 5 images, make some of them smaller or use a gallery/slideshow instead. This will keep your pages looking nice!
  • At some point add your page to a category. For example, a piston elevator would go into Category:Redstone. You may add your page to more than one category as long as it fits all of them! Please do not make your own categories.If your creation does not fit into any category, place it into the "Other" category. List of acceptable categories
  • Ensure that your page is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Step 3

  • Once all of your content is added you can publish it! If you want to add to it later, feel free to do so.

Step 4

  • People are likely going to want to ask questions or give a compliment, so be sure to watch the comments! If someone spams your page or comments let an administrator know.

Attention niels epting.svg Warning: Do not edit pages or images by other users. An admin will review pages and make necessary changes.


That's it! Now you can add even more creations!