Followers of Mimsey (FOM) is a clan that is exclusive to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. The clan was formed on September 16, 2013 and is open to the public.


The idea of the FOM clan began in early September between AmericaRacing89, MimseyLord212, and ZackAttack906. Though ZackAttack906 formed his own clan, it was closed to the public. On September 16, 2013 the three agreed that there should also be a clan that is open to the public. The Followers of Mimsey was officially announced and released to the public later that day. The clan is now open to the public and signup information can be viewed in this article.

The first meeting consisited of the three creators of the clan. The Clan Base began to be constructed allowing with Vaults, areas where players will live incase of a war that involves chemical weapons brecks out.

Clan Members

  • Clan Leader: MimseyLord212

MimseyLord212, is the clan leader and one of the creators of the FOM clan. Though Mimsey is known to also be the "pet" of the group, he does have the most say in meetings. However, with the clan running on a democracy, he does listen to the other members ideas and usually approves of them.

  • Second in Command: AmericaRacing89

AmericaRacing89, is another one of the clans creators and is also known to be the second leader. AmericaRacing89 is incharge of building and mainting the Vaults along with the Minecraft International Raceway.

  • Team Magna Leader: ZackAttack906

ZackAttack906, is the leader of the Magna Millitary. ZackAttack906 is skilled in training new members a thing or tow about surviving the various battles against their opponents which include Creepers, Zombies, Endermen, and of course, Pigs.


  • The Vaults, are based off of those seen in the video game, Fallout 3.
  • Team Magna, was named after ZackAttack906's clan which is closed to the public.