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Bird's eye view of the Cerberus.

The Cerberus Battery is basically an artillery platform/fort. It is constructed out of obsidian and is heavily armed with 4 TNT cannons and multiple machine guns. It was designed to pound the village of Forturos located 120 blocks away, but can hit targets triple that distance.

Armaments (In Detail):

  • 1 Dual Row, Quadruple Set Main Cannon
  • 2 Dual Row, Triple Set Secondary Cannons
  • 1 Single Row, Triple Set "Co-Axial" Cannon
  • 14 Monobarrel Manual Machine Guns
  • 14 Dual Barrel Manual Machine Guns
  • 2 "Triplet" Automatic Machine Guns
  • 1 "Quadracon" Automatic Machine Gun
  • 2 "Staircase" AutomaticMachine Guns