This wiki lets you view some creations using augmented reality. What is augmented reality you ask? Well, all is explained below!

What is Augmented Reality?

Technically, Augmented Reality works by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. The way we are using it can be explained a lot easier however. Basically it will allow you to interact with a virtual 3D model of someone's creation as if it was a physical object. Still confused? Let me show you a picture.


That's Right! A giant grass block is in the middle of my kitchen floor! The grass block is rendered on top of a piece of paper called a marker. As you know, the grass block is technically not there but it acts as if it is, if you rotate the marker, the object also rotates. To give you a better understanding of how this works, here is a video demonstration.

Augment The Augmented Reality 3D Model Viewer for Android and iOs

Augment The Augmented Reality 3D Model Viewer for Android and iOs

How do I use it?

(First off, you must have an Android or iOS device.)

  • Download the AUGMENT app.
  • Print out a marker from here  (A4 format will work the best)
  • Launch the app on your device and click "QR code"
  • Click the link that is on the top of supported creation's pages
  • Once the object is loaded point your device's camera at the marker, the 3D object will appear.
    • If it does not appear try altering your lighting.

The Result

If everything works out you should see something like this:

Photo 08-06-12 19 56 16

A fully interact able 3D Minecraft Creation! You can even see through the windows and into the houses!

Try some Examples

Creations that can be augmented

Click Here for a complete list!

How do I get my creation Augmented?

Creations will be chosen to be augmented by the Administrators. In order for your Creation to be able to be augmented you MUST have the save file for that creation. Please don't pester or ask the admins, if we think your creation is worthy and is able to be augmented, we will contact you.

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